Face Fx Reviews – Will Wrinkles Be A Thing Of The Past?


The Face FX offers consumers the chance to achieve healthy, smooth skin with a diminished appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. However, before choosing this product, most people will want to learn more by reading face FX reviews. If you’re interested in understanding a little more about this technology, use this review to understand how the Face FX works.


The Face FX uses two basic technologies that it combines to produce an overall effect. The first is a dermal heat technology and the second is a deep fractional light technology. The deep thermal heating works by stimulating increased collagen production in the skin, producing dermal regeneration at an increased skin.

The deep fractional light technology provides users with a light-based treatment and red light-emitting diodes. Red light stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, the cells which are responsible for producing collagen. This light also stimulates increased blood circulation in the blood vessels near the skin.

By combining both treatments, users can achieve smaller pores, decreased wrinkles, and a noticeable reduction in skin tone imperfections. These changes will occur gradually, and users who continue using it on a regular basis will notice that each treatment results in firmer, toned skin with an evened appearance and smooth texture.

Areas of Effectiveness

The majority of the facial area can be treated effectively. The most commonly used areas are the forehead, cheeks, mouth corners, neck, and around the eyes. When using this treatment around the eyes, users are recommended to keep their eyes shut as the heat and light could damage the eyes.


When using this product, it’s recommended to start with a clean and dry skin area. The Face FX is turned on and then glided across the user’s face without stopping on any particular area. By scanning the entire face lightly, individuals can be assured of getting an even distribution of the light technology. A typical session will last about 15 minutes. When starting this treatment, it’s recommended to perform three sessions per week. After the first month is completed, only one treatment every week will be necessary.

Using this product more than directed will not yield better results and can actually damage the skin. After the treatment is completed, the skin needs a certain amount of time to increase it’s production of collagen and elastin. When Face FX is used more than directed, this may actually slow down it’s anti-aging action, preventing this product from being as effective as possible.

Are There Any Side Effects?

One of the benefits of this treatment over other anti-aging products available, is that it does not contain any toxins or allergens which may be dangerous and painful. The Face FX is safe and has very few side effects reported. One of the most common side effects seen with this product is a slight warmth in the treated areas.

Also, some users report that they experience redness in the area of treatment. This redness disappears after a few minutes, and can happen to individuals who have very sensitive skin. When this happens, it’s recommended to stop the treatment and wait until the skin has cooled before starting again. This is generally mild and has not caused any serious problems with users.

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Is It Worth The Investment?

The bottom line for most consumers, is whether purchasing the Face FX is a good idea. With a one-time, low cost, this device offers an alternative treatment to surgical remedies to fight signs of aging. Even less expensive options such as Botox can be pricey in the long run and also present some serious health risks. In contrast, the Face FX system allows users to take control of their anti-aging skincare regime and use it from the privacy and convenience of their own home.

One thing to note about this system is that it works best when used as directed. Users who did not follow up with the recommended three times each week for the first month and used it less frequently did not see the same effects. While they did not some anti-aging changes, their results were not as drastic as the ones noted by users who followed the directions specifically.

While the Face FX system is not harmful, it is most effective when used as directed. Anyone interested in seeing the best results should make sure to read and follow the written directions.

Final Thoughts On Face Fx

These are the basic specifications of the Face FX system. Anti-aging products and devices make up a large part of skincare concerns today. This unique tool uses a dual method to stimulate the body to increase it’s production of collagen and elastin naturally without turning to pills, creams, or other agents. For an individual who wants an effective anti-aging product that can be used from the convenience of the home, the Face FX system offers a practical and viable solution.

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